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Senior Night Sadness

Many heavy hearts and tears were shed on the ball court as this years seniors took center stage.  It is sad to see these young men go, but we are excited to see where their dreams take them.  We honor the two seniors this year after exempliary work on and off the court.

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Pillaging the Pirates

Yesterday the Badgers hosted the Green River Pirates.  This is the second match-up against Pirates this season.  In the first quarter the game was kept close with a score of 29-14 favoring the Badgers.  

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Silencing the War Cry

On the 27th the Badgers travelled to Whitehorse to face the Raiders.  The Badgers started out the game hot leading the first quarter 16-11.  This slowed down as they ended the first half 25-18.  

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Beating Down the Cougars

On the 26th the Badgers travelled to Mounment Valley and faced off against the Cougars.  In the first quarter Wayne out scored them 19-15.  The out scoring didn’t change when Wayne raised the score

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Being Stomped Out

Friday the Badgers travelled to Monitcello to face off against the Buckaroos.  After the long drive the Badgers couldn't pull it together in the first quarter.  Leaving the score of 7-20 on the scoreboard.

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