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Business Administrator:

Appointment, Term of Office, and Interim Appointment


The Board shall appoint a Business Administrator.

Utah Code § 53G-4-302(1) (2018)

Term of office—

The Business Administrator’s term of office is for two years and until a successor is appointed and qualified.  On or after May 8, 2012, the Board may not enter into an employment contract that contains an automatic renewal provision with the Business Administrator.

Utah Code § 53G-4-302(2) (2018)

No Business Administrator Appointments During Interim Vacancy Period—

As used in this policy, "interim vacancy period" means the period of time that:

  1. begins on the day on which a general election is held to elect a member of the Board; and
  2. ends on the day on which the member-elect begins.

The Board may not appoint a business administrator during an interim vacancy period.  However, the Board may appoint an interim business administrator during an interim vacancy period; and the interim business administrator's term shall expire once a new business administrator is appointed by the new Board after the interim vacancy period has ended. 

The interim business administrator requirement does not apply if all the Board members who held office on the day of the general election whose term of office was vacant for the election are reelected to the Board for the following term.

Utah Code § 53G-4-302(3), (5) (2018)

Interim appointment—

If it becomes necessary to appoint an interim business administrator due to a vacancy in the office of business administrator, then the Board shall make an appointment during a public meeting for an indefinite term not to exceed one year, which term shall end upon the appointment and qualification of a new Business Administrator.

Utah Code § 53G-4-302(3) (2018)

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