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Section F: Students


FA—Equal Educational Opportunities

FAB-Transgender Students

FAC—Services for Homeless Students

FBA—Admissions and Attendance:  Eligibility and Admissions Requirements

FBAA—Admissions and Attendance:  Foreign Exchange Students

FBAB—Admissions and Attendance: Military Children

FBB—Admissions and Attendance:  Compulsory Education

FBBA—Dual Enrollment

FBBB - Participation in Online Education

FBC—Coordinating Services for School-Age Youth

FBE—Admissions and Attendance:  Receiving Centers

FBF—Re-Entry into Public Schools

FDA—Health Requirements and Services:  Vision Screening

FDAB—Health Requirements and Services:  Immunizations

FDAC—Health Requirements and Services:  Medical Treatment

FDACA—Do Not Resuscitate Directive

FDACB—Health Requirements and Services:  Student Self-Treatment for Asthma or Diabetes

FDACC—Health Requirements and Services:  Students with Potentially Life-Threatening Allergies

FDACD - Health Requirement and Services Student Asthma Emergency

FDACE—Health Requirements and Services:  Medical Recommendations by School Personnel to Parents

FDACF-Health Requirements and Services: Student Self-Application of Sunscreen

FDAD—Health Requirements and Services:  Communicable Diseases

FDAE—Student Infected with AIDS, HIV, or ARC

FDAF—Concussion and Head Injuries

FDB-Health Requirements Suicide Prevention

FDC - School Breakfast Program

FDE—Wellness Policy Adoption Process

FDEA—Wellness Policy: Food Sales

FDEB—Local Wellness Policy

FDEBB-School Lunch Charge Policy Charge Policy

FDF Positive Behaviors Plan

FE—Student Records

FEA—Education and Family Privacy

FEC— Non-Custodial Parent’s Access to Child’s Education Records

FED-Student Data Protection

FF—Student Activities

FFA—Student Activities:  Publications and Prior Review

FFB—Student Activities:  Organizations and Clubs: Secret Societies

FFC—Student Travel Policy

FFD—Student Activities: Non-Enrolled District Students’ Participation in Extracurricular Activities

FG—Curriculum and Non-Curriculum Student Groups

FGAA— Student Conduct:  Demonstrations

FGAB— Student Conduct Policy:  Electronic Communication Devices

FGAC—Bus Conduct

FGAD—Student Rights and Responsibilities: Bullying, Cyberbullying, and Hazing

FGB—Student Rights and Responsibilities:  Married Students

FGC—Student Rights and Responsibilities:  Pregnant Students

FGD—Student Rights and Responsibilities:  Interrogations and Searches

FGE— Student Rights and Responsibilities:  Student Complaints

FH—Student Discipline

FHA—Safe Schools

FHAA—Safe Schools: Alcohol and Drugs

FHAAA-Tobacco/Nicotine Policy

FHAB—Sexual Harassment

FHABA-Convicted Sex Offenders on District Property

FHAD—Safe Schools: Discipline of Students With Disabilities

FHAE—Safe Schools: Disruptive Student Behavior

FHAF-Safe Schools: Emergency Safety Interventions

FHAG-Safe Schools: Tobacco and Electronic Cigarettes

FHC—Notification Received from Juvenile Courts

FHD—Relations with Governmental Agencies and Local Governmental Authorities

FI—Student Fees, Fines, and Charges

FJ— Visitation on Campus:  Students Leaving with Adult During School Hours

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