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Section B: Local District Governance


Roles and Responsibilities

BA - Board Legal Status

            BAA—Board Legal Status: Powers and Duties

    BAB-Board Legal Status: Fiscal Responsibilities

BBA—Board Members: Eligibility and Qualifications

BBAA—Board Members: Student Members

BBB—Board Members: Elections and Reapportionment

BBC—Board Members: Vacancies on the Board

BBD—Board Members: Board Internal Operations

BBF1—Board Members: Code of Ethics

BBG—Board Members: Compensation and Expenses

BCA—Foundations and Basic Commitments: District Mission Statement

BCB—Foundations and Basic Commitments: District Belief Statements

BCC—Foundations and Basic Commitments: District Educational Philosophy

BD—Board Internal Operation

BDA—Board Internal Organization: Other Board Officers

BDAB—President of the Board:  Duties

BE—Board Meetings

BEA—Board Meetings: Notice Requirements

BEB—Board Meetings: Recordings and Minutes

BEC—Board Meetings: Closed Meetings

BED—Board Meetings: Meeting Location

             BEE2 - Board Meetings: Electronic Meetings

BF—Community Involvement in Education

             BFA-School Closures and Boundary Changes

BJA—Superintendent: Appointment, Term of Office, and Interim Appointment

BJB—Superintendent: Qualifications and Responsibilities

BJC—Superintendent: Evaluation

BJD—Superintendent:  Dismissal, Relief of Duties, and Suspension

BKA—Business Administrator: Appointment, Term of Office, and Interim Appointment

BKB—Business Administrator: Qualifications and Responsibilities

BKC—Business Administrator: Evaluation

BKD—Business Administrator:  Dismissal, Relief of Duties, and Suspension

BL—Administrative Personnel

BLA—Administrative Personnel: Duties of Principals

BLB—Administrative Personnel: Evaluation

BM—Charter Schools

BU—District Annual Reports

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